Get Paid to Talk About Stocks With This Cryptocurrency

The Future of Stock Rooms

 Are you tired of paying monthly fees? Do you want to be paid monthly instead? Trade Smart Win Big is the world’s first stock room that pays its members… monthly! Through blockchain technology, we have created a membership model that turns your membership into an asset. When you purchase a TSWB token, you are granted exclusive rights to the Trade Smart Win Big room. Every token represents a seat in the room. You can sell your seat at any time for profit to another person looking to join the room. 

Monthly Rewards

 Every month, those who own TSWB tokens are paid a monthly dividend. The more you own, the higher the bracket you are in, the more you get paid per token. The best part about it is, the pay out is determined by the current price of the token. As price goes up, so does the dividend. For example, those who bought $300 worth of TSWB in May are now getting $200 monthly dividends due to our sharp increase in price as of recently. We are growing fast, and our dividend will as well!

The Future of TSWB

 We are just at the beginning of our journey and we have massive plans for the future. Our model has worked extremely well on a smaller scale. Member retention is 100%, members are loyal, and members benefit. We want to take this technology mainstream by 2023. We are opening up our first stores in 2023, which will only accept various cryptocurrencies as payments. We believe we are on the cusp of crypto becoming mainstream and we want to position ourselves so TSWB and our token holders can benefit. We are targeting the fitness industry as well. We want to turn every gym membership into an asset, globally, by 2040. We are pioneers in the framework of business for years to come.

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