RIDE Bulls Will Win Again, Why RIDE is The Best Investment On The Market

Are you really selling your shares at a discount? Even worse, are you falling for the trap and shorting RIDE? Lordstown Motors was strategically attacked by Hindenburg this week, and caused a massive dip. Lordstown is destined to become a top EV player, and Hindenburg is exiting their short position before they lose it all. Not only do they look great short term, but they are on the path to be as iconic as Ford in the future, the American truck maker for generations to come. Opportunities like this don’t come around often, and those who take advantage of these opportunities will be rewarded substantially in the next couple years.

Hindenburg Report Was Wrote to Cover

Hindenburg has been looking for the day to cover their short position for awhile now, and sadly, misled investors gave them the opportunity to do so. The claims they made were used to induce panic selling. . Lordstown is a company “with no revenue and no sellable product, which we believe has misled investors on both its demand and production capabilities,” they claimed. First I want to state, the demand is about to take off for EV’s in general. As gas prices rise, consumers will begin to choose EV’s over the traditional gas-guzzler. And the best part about it is Lordstown is planning to have their pickups in production by September. Perfect timing for the EV boom if you ask me. HIndenburg states in their report that production is “3 years away”. They got this information from ex-employees. Lordstown has hired a tremendous amount of employees over the last couple months , and look to continue to add to their workforce. Take a look at the photo below. Lordstown currently has 98 job positions that need to be filled.

They are getting ready to start mass producing these EV’s, and the stock will soar. They definitely look like a company that is preparing for production in the near future. Hindenburg knows this and had limited amount of time left to cover their short position before they really burned. They also decided to attack the CEO’s character, calling him a “con man” . This is a common tactic used to scare investors. There is no substantial facts behind this, just their opinion. The report looks like a desperate attempt to save themselves before the stock begins to boom. Don’t let them shake you out of your shares, and if your new to this stock, there may not be a better time to invest in this gem.

The Future of Lordstown Motors

We are at the beginning stages of this company, and there is a ton of growth ahead. The company currently has a market cap of $2.4 billion. Ford currently has a market cap of $52 B and reached a peak of $89 B. There is so much growth and potential for Lordstown ahead that it could easily be sitting at a 15 B market cap a couple years from now. They are going to become the new Ford, and Hindenburg is seeing this. The government is already looking to replace their utility vehicles with EV’s, and Lordstown is a prime candidate to be the one who provides these vehicles. They also are planning on making electric vans and RV’s in the future. Lordstown is going to become the new American truck maker, and become as iconic as Ford years from now. The future is bright here. We are on the cusp of the EV boom, and Lordstown is in position to take full advantage of it. Do not fall for the short attacks, especially this early in the companies process. It is easy to do it now, which is why they dis it now. In the future, Lordstown will prove itself. Only time will tell.

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