EYES, The Next Stock to “See” $100

Why people panic sell, I still don’t know. The amount of greed in the market is insane, and in the end, will leave those that sold regretting that they ever did. If your holding, be patient. The time will come when this starts running again and people will chase the peaks once more. For now, collect shares as this dips, and take advantage of their greed in the future when they are paying $100 for a share calling EYES the next GameStop. Sell the pumps, buy the dumps, and ride EYES to $100, making thousands along the way.

What Happened?

On Friday, Second Sight Medical Products got FDA approval for their Argus 2 s Retinal Prosthesis System. In the most simplest form I can put this to you, their product allows those suffering from retinitis pigmentosa to be able to see again, well somewhat at least. No it is not like a normal eye, but if some one were completely blind, just the fact that they are now able to see things is amazing. They are able to make out different objects and people, although it still appears quite blurry. They are at the very beginning of this, and I am sure down the road their will be improvements made to make it as normal as possible. If you don’t go off and buy this stock after hearing this, at least take these words of wisdom with you. We are at the start of the next tech “wave” and we will begin to see tech come out that we never thought was possible. Invest in concept right now that companies are working on cause it probably will happen. For example, check out my article on VUZI and WIMI. Don’t let the recent tech sell-off discourage you from buying one of the largest bullish runs the NASDAQ will see.

The movement of this stock has been insane. EYES only has a free float of 13.25 M and a market cap of $250 M. The movement is going to be volatile, and continue to be volatile as this stock move forwards. To many investors and traders, this induces panic, and panic induces cheap shares which is what we are seeing now. To be honest we may see this drop sub 10. If so I will have my hand on the buy button. I sold my position at 22 as I saw people chasing the top. We were destine to drop, and people were becoming greed. When people chase tops, you are going to get a sharp sell off in return. I began buying back sub 15 in small increments, as I knew it would probably go cheaper and cheaper over the next couple days. People are taking profits, the impatient are selling for the loss, and the rich are buying the dip. I will take any shares you give me sub 10. I will gladly hold your “bag” as you run off to “get rich quick” somewhere else.

What Lies Ahead

If they want to sell you cheap shares, take advantage of it. The chart on EYES looks amazing. It’s chart actually looks similar to a stock that made a move from $2 to $90 not too long ago, NCTY.

NCTY Chart
EYES Chart

Do you see the similarity between the two? The great idea is found, people pump and chase the peaks, volatile stock drops rapidly, people panic sell low, rich buy and hold, and the rich win in the end. This is human nature at it’s finest. The greedy leave just to help when we make our next leg up. We saw this in Bitcoin as well. The run to $20,000, the massive sell-off, then the massive leg up again. Do not be worried if we see continued selling over the next couple weeks. These are opportunities to load up. This is revolutionary, disruptive technology that is going to have a critical impact on the world. This is the beginning of making the blind see again. The power of AI is beginning to show and we are only at the beginning of this story. Let the process happen and buy up on these dips. The next leg is coming. The question is will you be apart of it?

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