How To Invest in March: The Attack of the Youtubers

Whatever you do this month, don’t listen to your Millennial or Gen Z son when he tells you to sell your stocks! The attack on the market by social media influencers has been out of control, as they look to buy in cheap as most sold their stocks at the beginning of the year. As the market has gone up, we have seen an increase in content claiming the market is “ending” and to “not invest” as it is going to collapse. So when your Gen Z or Millennial son tells you to sell, tell him there are only diamond hands around here! If you are feeding into these idiots, enlighten yourself below, so you don’t miss out on what should be one of the most lucrative months of the year!

Crypto to the Moon

If you don’t have crypto, you need to grab some now. March is going to be the month of crypto, and Ethereum is going to roar to new heights. We are going to see the beginning of the 2nd crypto pump, which will be in the headlines by the end of March or early April. Just in time for the “rookies” watching news at home to buy into crypto, for it to “crash” again, to scare them out, once again. I was LATE to Bitcoin, with a position at 49k a coin, and thru this “crash”, I am down 5%. The reason why I am so late on Bitcoin is because I threw most of my funds into Ethereum sub $500, and the rest in Stellar Lumens, Harmony Token, and a couple miscellaneous tokens at the start of the bull run. The weak hands are out about now, so expect some major upside around the 2nd week of March. Your also going to want to grab some alt coins, the cheaper the better, as they may explode the first week of March. I personally grabbed Harmony Tokens in the $0.007-$0.02 range and feel confident moving forward that I will at least 5x my investment in the month of March if not more. VET is not a bad token to look at, as I have seen some buzz around it lately. Harmony, I think, is the best positioned as it could become the next coin to make the run from pennies to a dollar this year. It is a coin for the people, ran by the people, that has extremely low fees. Ethereum is just seen as the 2nd best to Bitcoin, so, it is a safer play that stills allows for a nice ROI. Some sympathy plays we will see because of the crypto run are RIOT, MARA, NXTD, and possibly SOS. If you don’t have access to crypto yet, you need to. If not, add the stocks mentioned above to your list.

The Market Returns To Make New Highs

Now back to the market, once retail traders stop shaking each other out as they wait for this “crash”, we will start making some serious money again, if it’s in the right places. I still think penny stocks, which went extinct, will come back. Stocks like NAKD, CTRM, and everything else that went for pennies a couple months ago will return. Remember retail traders are shaking each other out right now, so as they see their penny stocks dropping they will look to hop on the next big trend. I really like the idea of adding VUZI on a dip to the mid teens. This stock is primed for short and long term growth. It will run like FVRR eventually. Cathie Woods is investing here, after an already massive move from $3 late last year, where my members and I loaded the boat! I also like HEXO this month. If you can get it around 7, sub 7, or anywhere under 10 before they release earnings March 29th, consider yourself lucky. This company has been hitting it out the park in recent months, and on top of that is severely undervalued. I started adding back in August when it was $0.71 ($2.84 with RS) and loaded the boat before the Senate Run-off when this was in the threes. They are a Canadian pot stock, that is making BIG moves to set its self up to take a majority of the global cannabis market. Quick rundown: 1. Partnership with Molson Coors making beverages that are taking over the entire cannabis-infused beverage market in Canada already, plus the popularity of cannabis-infused beverages is exploding., plus they already have their beverages in Colorado, where they are beginning to work on making facilities for their expansion into the US. 2. Recent acquisition of Zenabis Global, which makes them the third largest LP in Canada, gives them instant access to the European cannabis market, where HEXO is already building a massive facility in Greece. 3. More partnerships to come soon, possibly Mondelez International which makes Oreos and Sour Patch Kids, Coca-Cola is in the rumor mill, as well as Phillip-Morris International, big name in the tobacco industry. This company has the potential to be a huge player in US markets, as they plan on partnering with major brands to dominate the 2.0 cannabis market (non-smoke products). I wrote an article two weeks ago saying HEXO could be the next Coke, and today the Motley Fool said the same thing. If your from the Motley Fool, please give me some credit next time!

WIMI is another tech stock I like this month. Holographic technology for consumers and enterprises that will change the world. When investing in tech, I look for disruptive and potentially revolutionary products. WIMI, like VUZI did, fits that mold. With a huge and growing market in the next 5 years, there is plenty of growth left in these stocks. You may feel late to the party investing in Vuzi at $16, but in reality, your not.

SOS is a stock I grabbed Friday while it was sub $5. I sold prematurely on the first run up and this time, I am just feeling lucky. Something is not right about this entire situation. At first I thought it was a scam, so I took my money and ran. But the actions the company have taken and the recent short report have me thinking there could be something bigger here. Yes most likely its a Chinese scam stock, but to not take a chance on this baby going to the absolute moon if it hits while its sub $5 would be insane. You have already seen how much volume it has got in the past couple weeks. So, SOS is my gamble for the month of March. Some cheap out of the money calls for end of March will be my scratch off tickets for the month. If it hits, I wouldn’t mind throwing some profit into HEXO. At the end of the day, SOS is a gamble, but who doesn’t like to gamble every so often.

NNOX could explode this month. This is a tech stock, so is it disruptive and revolutionary? NNOX is the definition of it. This medical imaging stock has the power to change the world. Traditional medical imaging devices are expensive, preventing many countries around the globe having proper medical imaging accessible to its citizens. NNOX changes this by providing cheaper imaging technology that is higher quality. This obviously brings doubt into people head as it may not be entirely true. But if it is, this will explode.

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