Why VUZI is Going to $100, the Next Apple

I made one of my best investment decisions of my life loading up on VUZI in the $3 range. No, this is not a pump article. I actually think it may go to $1,000 one day, but for now, $100 can be our first pit stop. Cathie is now on our side, which has brought this stock to attention of many. It was funny, for the first time ever, I saw VUZI on so many Stock Twits Guru’s pick for the day. I sold at $23 that day, and have been buying back in on the dips. Once it hits $15 or $23, it will be time to put the rest back in, and ride this to $100. This is why I believe VUZI will go to $100.

Vuzix is the Future

For those who don’t know, Vuzix makes augmented reality smart-glasses, wearable computing, AR optic technologies, display engines and products for the consumer and enterprise market. The market for this technology is about to explode. VUZI is going to be a giant in this industry. Possibly a $200 B industry in 2025, VUZI currently has a market cap of around $900 million. It blew my mind when I saw this going for $3 in the last half of 2020, a market cap around $120 million. VUZI was the first company to show a wider use for wearable AR technology, than just something to play video games on. I really don’t believe there is going to be a huge consumer market for this, in the next 5 years at least. But what made me press the buy button, and alert my members of this hidden gem at the time, was how businesses, hospitals, and even governments were using their technology. Businesses were increasing their efficiency by a considerable margin, surgeons were using VUZI to decrease the chance of making a mistake, and police were using VUZI to gather data on the surrounding area, and direct to the scene of the crime. Vuzi can be used in every type of business as well. From construction, to the warehouse, to the top of a telephone pole, Vuzi can be used to increase efficiency. I believe one day, Vuzix will be incorporated into 25% of the businesses in the US, if not more. This technology is disruptive and revolutionary. That makes VUZI an easy investment.

The Path to $100

The path to $100 is relatively easy for long term investors. With Cathie on our side, I have no doubt that this could see $100 as early as July of this year. The last stock I called to go to $100 while it was in the twenties, one of my favorite investments of 2020, was SFIX. I called this on September 8th, 2020. SFIX was 28$ at the time, talking about how I bought 40$ calls for January 2022, and how it could easily surpass $100 by then. Well it hit $100 January of this year! Vuzi will be the same way, but even quicker. With it still under a billion market cap, this only needs to get to a $5 billion market cap to be around $100 a share. With a potential $300 B market for their products in 4 years, I hope you can see why it is just a matter of time before this sees $100. This is a easy investment, geared towards the LT investor.

Missed Out on VUZI sub $10? Get WIMI

Yes, you will probably never see VUZI sub $10 again, but a company I bought as soon as it hit the market will surely catch up to VUZI, and it is still cheap. I bought WIMI the first hour it came out for around $5 a share. I sold the parabolic pump it had to thirty in the twenty range, and rebought at $10. WIMI is future, disruptive, revolutionary tech just like VUZI. WIMI is going to provide holographic tech to consumers and enterprises. Don’t miss out on this long term gem as well!

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2 thoughts on “Why VUZI is Going to $100, the Next Apple”

  1. Why do you like $ Wimi? I have seen their income in Markets Smith and they do not stop falling, they also do not have advanced technology, they only dedicate themselves to advertising. At what price do you think it will be in July 2021? Thank you very much, Greetings.

    1. WIMI can get hype one day. When VUZI makes it big move, people will start investing in WIMI as well. We have already seen signs of it. Their tech will be hard to mainstream, but it is futuristic. I think in July it will be around 20$ .

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