The Next CCIV… FRX and ALTU

The secret is out. Members, thanks for keeping this one a secret. Feel free to post about these two now as we have seen them trend on Stocktwits. For non members, consider yourself lucky this article has come across you. These two SPACS have a ton of potential, and will see 100% gains, easily, if not more over the next month or two. Lets start with the one that Boeing and NASA are working with, and GE is heavily investing in, ALTU.


This was one I begged members to keep a secret. I recommended loading up on this as it was still close to $10. because once word got out, it will see $20 in no time. It’s still under $15 at the time of this writing, and there is a ton of growth left, so consider yourself lucky as well. This SPAC plans on merging with Aerion. Here is a link to their website: The New Sustainable Supersonic Aircraft | Aerion Supersonic .

This has the potential to be huge, and I am sure you will understand the hype we should see from a potential merger alone. They are currently working with Boeing and NASA on developing their product. With funding from GE as well, they expect these to be flying in 2025, which will be the first privately built supersonic aircraft. Its design has already completed a successful wind tunnel test that is important milestone in the development of this jet. They are currently building a head quarters in Florida, where they expect the test flights to occur in 2025. You will be able to move anywhere in the world in under three hours. They will also help the environment. They pull Carbon Dioxide out of the air and turn it into jet fuel, has 0 emissions, and doesn’t require an afterburning engine. This is truly the future of travel. While it does sound unbelievable, and like a scam, Boeing and NASA are heavy involved in the design and production of this air craft. Also GE is investing in them. With big companies backing them, all that matters now is when it will be done. I have told my members to keep this a secret because as soon as this gets out, we won’t ever get this under $13 again. But as price has moved above $13, which marks the end of our loading zone, I have decide to release this information to the public. Its all profit ahead on this one, and can’t wait to see 100%-300% gains ahead in a short amount of time.


Another one I encouraged members to keep quiet about is FRX, but it seems like this one is beginning to get out as well. FRX is a merger between three companies. Beach Body and MYX fitness. This group consists of three ex Walt Disney executives, celebrities like Shaq and Lebron, and ex Tik Tok CEO. Beachbody makes virtual fitness classes, P90x and more, while MYX creates bikes. The combination of these two is going to make a formidable competitor to Peloton. This tech is the future of fitness. Gyms are becoming a thing of the past as people believe their time is so valuable. They don’t have time to drive to the gym anymore. Working out at home is convenient to them. This would drive me crazy, as I enjoy the social interaction at the gym, it is trending and is going to continue to grow for many years. I see this doubling from here, and once the merge is final, a solid LT play. Peloton is one of the best LT investments out there, and I see FRX being up there with it.

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