The Next Stock to Run 1000%… HJLI

I hear it now, “pump article”, “no way”, whatever else doubters want to say. But HJLI is a stock you must have on your watchlist. Upcoming catalyst, like FDA approval, and a market cap of only 60 Million , HJLI could be the next stock that runs $100+ in one day, and you shouldn’t be surprised.

Hancock Jaffe is one of my favorite stocks to trade. One very few people know about, and any catalyst is an easy 100%+ gain. I have already flipped it 2-3 times for 100%+ and use the same exact entry point, .30 (now 8$). This stock has some interesting catalysts coming down the pipeline, and one of those could send this $100+. They had a great Pre IDE meeting for FDA approval of a US trial. Results were better than expected, for there product VenoValve, and many leading vascular surgeons and hospitals around the country are highly interested in their device. There are 2 million new cases a year of Lower Limb Chronic Deep Vein Insufficiency disease, which VenoValve will treat. There IDE application should be coming out any day now. It is expected that the US trial will also begin by the end of Q2. If results go well, which pre trials have shown will happen, they can begin selling their product in the US 6 months after the last patient is done with the trial. This stock is severely undervalued and once these catalyst start hitting headlines, expect multiple 100% pumps before the holy grail of all pumps.

There are a lot of risks associated with investing in HJLI as well. It is a small company, so you can expect some offerings in the mean time, which is a great time to add. If the trial goes bad, you know what will happen. But from the looks of everything, this stock has a ton of potential to make a huge run. I will restate, it only has a 60 Million dollar market cap. If things go well this will be a $500M to $1B company. That is 8x to 16x ($64-$128) from where it stands today(8$). This is definitely my favorite microcap, and with the ways things look, it may not be a micro cap for long.

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