It’s Alt Season, and Harmony is Going to Make New Millionaires

 If you haven’t heard of Harmony Token before, you need to read this article. I understand if you haven’t heard of this hidden gem, it’s not on Coinbase, the most popular crypto exchange in America. To save you some time, its on Us Binance, not going to drop a referral link, Harmony as already made me a ton and there’s so much more to come.

What is Harmony?

 It is a decentralized blockchain that is designed for scalability and low cost. If your new to crypto and blockchain technology, let me just tell you it is the future. This technology is as revolutionary as the computer. As it is at the beginning of becoming mainstream, now is the time to invest in this technology, even if you think its too high. Let me tell you, its going way higher. Harmony is focused on two major issues with crypto, fees and latency. Low fees is huge for crypto, seen as one of the cons of Ethereum. Low latency is also huge in the crypto world. Latency basically is the time it takes from submitting a transaction to it receiving its first confirmation on the blockchain. If you have experience with crypto, you understand how big a crypto token with low latency could be come. Being able to complete transactions instantly will be a huge step for crypto, and Harmony is in the process of doing that.

This is a truly a decentralized crypto, as it has 100% decentralized nodes, and is is governed by the people. That’s right. If you own Harmony Tokens, you get voting rights. Harmony is truly for the people, and ran by the people. This crypto is due to explode in 2021, and is starting to pick up steam at this very moment. It has already seen a 700%+ increase in 2021, and that is just the beginning for Harmony.

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Price Projection for Harmony

 Now onto the good stuff. This token is currently valued at $316.9 Million, a tiny market cap in the crypto world. Compared to Bitcoin’s 906.2 Billion, and Ethereum’s 209.2 Billion, Harmony has a ton of room for upward growth. Now let’s keep in mind that its Alt season, and last time some of theses small Alt coins reached over 100 Billion in market cap. If Harmony is able to get to 100 Billion during this Alt season, each token would be worth $9.50, making many people multi millionaires. There are two scenarios for this Alt season. One, it isn’t that strong, as the increase of people in the crypto market increases volatility, causing people to sell earlier. Scenario two, the increase of crypto users, and the recent pumping of many stocks, causes these Alt coins to see astronomical highs, something that is very possible, especially with retail investors flooding markets, and there lack of understanding of crypto. This could cause Harmony tokens to be worth 15-20$ a token. If Alt season doesn’t happen, Harmony will still go up in value and my minimum price target for Harmony is $1.27. This is definitely going to 10x in a couple months. The only question now is will it 100x, 1000x or 10000x? Load up on Harmony tokens, like I have been since .007, and who knows, you may become a millionaire!

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