Why HEXO is Going to $400, the Tesla of Cannabis

Mark my words, HEXO will be $400 a share by January 1, 2024. Set your reminder so you can thank me, or regret not investing now. Investing in HEXO now is like investing in Coke-Cola at $0.25 a share. Wouldn’t you like to turn back the clock and invest in a global, industry leading brand? Here is your chance to invest in one now!


“Why doesn’t anyone want to be a millionaire?” said by Sebastian St. Louis, CEO of Hexo Corp. Sebastian is a rare find in Canada. He is 1 of under 100 men in Canada to start a 1 Billion dollar company from the ground up. He only started with 35k. He started this company, sacrificed his life for this company, and will continue to exponentially grow this company in the near future. Sometimes in investing, you invest in the people, and this guy who you should put your money on.

This brings us to the question why HEXO? HEXO will be the industry leader in a 300 Billion dollar market by 2024. Not only are their products great, but there strategic entry into foreign markets is genius. Let’s start with their plan to enter the US market, a projected $100B market space. They have already hit the ground running into US markets, releasing their VeryWell Beverages in Colorado, CBD beverage that contains 0 sugar and 0 calories. Their joint venture with Molson Coors is what is going to propel them to the front of the pack. 1 in 4 Americans have interest in CBD infused beverages. This early entry into US markets is going to establish their brand earlier than the competitors, two years earlier at least. And guess who will be the face behind their drinks… The Rock! While HEXO becomes a well known brand in the States, federal legalization of cannabis will be completed by 2023. By that time, HEXO products will already be in every gas station in America. When legalization comes, HEXO products will be what consumers choose first, and they won’t be disappointed. There high tech methods of packaging will keep bud fresher longer, which competitors won’t be able to provide in the US at first. Their THC pens will also begin to flood the same gas stations their drinks are in. The US cannabis market will be Hexo’s and thats not all.

Did we mention they are already beginning a Europe take over as well. They are building their first facility in Greece as we speak. This facility is going to spread their products throughout Europe. Once again, they are getting a head start on competitors. Europe is a huge market, that could even be bigger than the expected $100B US market. The knowledge they obtain of Molson Coors may not be a great help in European markets, but did you know they have connections with Coke-Cola? Yes, this company has the help of one of the biggest global brands to ever exist. This gives them advantage in mass globalization, and competitors just won’t be able to catch up. In business, a lot of success comes down to who you know, and HEXO knows the right people.

HEXO is the best pot stock/ stock on the market to invest in now. I’m telling you, everyone will of heard of the HEXO brand eventually, whether that be in cannabis shops, or future Super Bowl ads. This brand is going to be huge. This now small company has the help of US and global giants, Molson and Coke. They are also going to announce another HUGE partnership too, that is getting finalized in the next couple days or weeks. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime investment.

Path to $400

$400 isn’t a long shot as you may think it is. It actually just may just be half of what this stock will be. At the time of this writing, HEXO is valued at $800 million. They are entering a $300 billion dollar industry. If they can get 46.2 B of that industry, they are at $400 a share. That could be within two years looking at it that way. Then $800 another two years after that. Its already undervalued at its current price, with 350% upside to where it should be, $28. It should see that in the next couple months, probably in late March to early April. The path is relatively easy to reach what people would think is mind blowing. I’m telling you now, this is a once in a life time investment. I wrote a book back in August 2020 about stocks to invest in after 2020, when HEXO was $2.50 a share. It was along my other picks, SFIX($25 to $100), FVRR ($100 to $330), PAR ($30-$80), FCEL ($2.50 to $30) an VUZI ($3 to $16) just to name a few. Out of 16 picks, just one hasn’t had a 100% increase, which is SCON, but to my defense I mentioned to buy it when it went back under a dollar and it did. It now is at $2. If you would like a copy of the book, even though most are up 100% +, subscribe below. There are still plenty of growth left in those picks, like HEXO. I am currently holding my largest position ever in HEXO, and it will make me a multi-millionaire one day in the near future. I hope you come along for the ride.

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