Week in Review: Market Mayhem

Where do we start this week? What started out as a normal week, great trading, and consistent gains, turned into a blood bath. Picks were doing great Monday thru Wednesday. AMD rocketed up to start the week. Closed at its peak, opened a short, successful there as well. TRIL was making its way to 12 and money was being printed. Sold Monday and bought back in at 10.60. I wasn’t as heavy in it as I was on the first leg up this made, thankfully. Was making solid trades on GOOG and actually closed at 1730 the day before the drop, and planned to buy back in at 1690, which I did. And VUZI did great, the whole week. Sold at 5 on the pump, bought back in at 3.90 and plan on riding this baby back up. 3/3 this week for the weekly watchlist, I would say. AMD made a huge move up, TRIL made a big move up, and VUZI made a huge move up.

15 min Charts, past week, of (left to right) AMD,TRIL,VUZI.

Successful start of the week, three green trades right off the weekly watchlist. Then Thursday happened. We all know what happened. TSLA and AAPL began there big sell off. I sold my TSLA pre split, I didn’t want to be apart of that blood path. Looking for $350 to start reentering btw. This was obviously going to happen. It’s common sense, which seems to be lacking from the market these days. Would you buy a whole cake for $10, or the same cake sliced in fifths for $20? You see the point?

Curing the massive sell off I grabbed positions in 4 stocks, NVDA, FVRR,SPOT, and GOOG. If you are not adding to NVDA on this dip, you probably don’t understand computers. Let me give you some great advice. Buy NVDA as it dips. CEO Jensen Huang said, “there’s never been a giant leap like this. And RTX brought both artificial intelligence as well as ray tracing to PC gaming … RTX, it’s a home run. We really raised the bar with computer graphics, the games are so beautiful, and it’s really, really the next level.” There new graphic card completely blows the competition out of the water. Here is a link to check it out. https://www.igamesnews.com/pc/features-of-nvidia-ampere-rtx-3090-rtx-3080-and-rtx-3070/ . It is also cheap! This sell off was great and I am taking full advantage of it. These cards release this month, but due to the high volume of buyer, they won’t be available for most till 2021.

Quality and price comparison of new NVDA graphic card.

FVVR is a company that I believe is a great growth stock. Small businesses are able to get affordable, quality work, that fits their need when they need it. Free lancers are able to make a lot of money for a side hustle. Some people get to the point where it is their job. This mutualistic relationship will keep this company thriving for years to come. As they drop I will add.

SPOT plans on taking over the podcast industry. Joe Rogan is just the start of what they are doing. As this company drops, its a solid choice for long term gains. they are innovating, staying relevant, and growing. Three thinks you want to see in growth stocks.

GOOG is Google. Its Google. Buy it when it dips. It’s Google. Your using it right now. Its common sense. Just buy this as it dips.

Overall I am happy with this week. Gained some capital early in the week to invest into these stocks as they dipped. Especially coming back to the top of the market, we shouldn’t see a big drop in the market for another couple years. These stocks felt like a last minute Black Friday deal. Have to take advantage of it. Let the people panic. I will gladly scoop up some shares on the way down. I have no problem being patient. Next weeks’ weekly watchlist will be released Labor Day. Enjoy the three day weekend!

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