Watchlist For The First Week of September

This is the week we watch what will happen to AAPL and TSLA post split. Expect volatile days as old traders sell and new traders rush in to grab the “discounted” shares. I personally sold my TSLA pre split. I am, looking for this to sell off the first week, then I will reenter again. Here are a couple stocks to watch this week:


TRIL has moved very bullishly for a couple weeks now. Last week it set a new 52 week high and consolidated above 10. Right now it is moving between 10 and 10.75. Once 10.75 breaks this will start moving up towards 12. My PT if TRIL breaks 10.75 is 12.50.


AMD tested the 52 week high last week but failed to break. After that we saw a short term downtrend. But Friday was huge for this stock. It broke the short term down trend then re tested it and was able to stay above. Looking for this to retest the high this week and break starting the next leg up.


VUZI has massive Lt potential and looks to be at the start of a massive bull run. This is the weekly chart and this is the first time we are seeing VUZI holding and making gains above the 50 DMA. This looks like its ready to start its next leg up. I have a heavy LT position on VUZI.

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