Trade Smart Win Big Token

Decentralized Infrastructure

Each node within the network functions as an independent authority. Data stored on the blockchain is permanent.

Infinite Appreciation

TSWB token has a circumscribed supply structure. The smart contract has been rebuilt to implement an augmenting target price which increases the price of each token overtime.

Built On Waves.Protocol

Waves is an all-encompassing gateway blockchain protocol. Waves is guaranteed by time-proven Proof-of-Stake consensus with more than 300 nodes all over the world.

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Join The Discord, Earn Rewards

By joining the Discord, and holding at least one TSWB token, you can earn passive income by participating in the Discord.  On top of that, you will receive exclusive rewards for leveling up. These rewards include t-shirts, collectibles, and other TSWB memorabilia. 

Project Pipeline

500 TSWB Tokens (25% of the entire supply) have been listed on the exchange for 0.0022 ETH. Once the first 500 are bought, the moon phase will begin.

Status: 500/500, Complete

During this phase, the TSWB token will start it’s journey to infinity. A massive marketing campaign will take place, and due to the structure of the smart contract and low supply, we will begin to see a infinite price trajectory. 

Estimated Launch Date: June 2021

There are 3 massively growing industries in todays world: crypto, trading cards, and sports betting. Rookie Tokens ™  effectivly combines all three of these industries into one. Athletes will now have tokens, of different rarities, based off type and supply, that can be traded instantly at any period of time. Just like a card, if the athlete performs well and gains popularity, the value of the token will rise, but, if the athlete performs poorly and loses popularity, the value of the token goes down.

Estimated Release Date: August 2021

The first “token shop” will be created, where customers can come into a retail location and buy various tokens, including rookie tokens. Holographic displays will showcase tokens, customers will be able to buy and sell tokens, and history will be made. 

Location: TBA (Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Miami)

Launch Date: 2023


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